What Your Patient’s Fingernails Can Tell You About Their Health

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What Your Patient's Finger Nails Can Tell You About Their Health According To 5 Element Patterns. 2.5 NCCAOM APPROVED PDA Points and 2.5 CA APPROVED CEUs. In this 2.5 credits course, we will learn about Finger Nail Diagnosis, and about the unspoken story that your patient's finger nails will tell you when they enter into your clinic. The finger nails can divulge a lot of information about the patient's health, especially their past and the diseases they may have had or are enduring now. You can also find out about your patient's nutrition in-take by the condition of their nails. Are they a worrier? They may bite their nails when stressed out. Is there an infection? We will learn about a variety of nail dysfunction that you can spot easily and quickly and see how effortlessly the ancient 5 Elements help you to deduce what to do as you encounter the commonest issues that may present themselves in clinic. Learn about nail color, texture, thickness, discoloration, abnormalities, disease and how to help your patient in the best way possible. We know your time is valuable and you're a busy Practitioner. We understand your time constraints. If you need 2.5 credits, fulfill your requirement today, the easy way! No CDs/DVDs to spend time on. Nothing to wait for in the mail. No long essays to write. No case studies to write. Your course is email delivered to your Inbox for you to start working on. Always check your Spam and Trash folders for your Course, and add us to your preferred sender's list so that you don't lose your course. Study the Workbook, answer the 4 NCCAOM Worksheet questions, take the Test and Email the Answers to us. Your Certificate will be emailed the same day. SAVE $25.00 on this course.
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